Pheedo: Manage, insert advertising into your feeds, buy ads in other feeds...


Finally, someone has come up with an RSS ad management and insertion application. I've seen the SFist, LAist, Gothamist sites advertising within their feeds but this is the first new site I've seen that is specifically designed for setting up ads in your RSS feeds. It might actually be possible to make a little scrill for the efforts of our blogging labors!

You can also buy ads to promote your blog and feeds in other streams including RSS and Atom feeds and on other blog sites. Verification of these ads being served elsewhere could be a tad bit difficult but this is a step in the right direction for the new open web. Here's the site link.

FYI: Read the TOU very carefully. They require a social security number of a Tax ID # for service and everyone must be approved before they are added to the service.